Contoh Teks Review

by Ibrani on 02:56 PM, 23-Jun-13

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Review adalah bentuk teks yang mengulas kembali tentang suatu hasil karya seni yang sudah pernah disampaikan/ditampilkan. Umumnya berupa penilaian terhadap hasil drama,film,novel,pertunjukan dan barang-barang seni lainnya

Tujuan dari review sendiri adalah untuk memberikan kritikan atas karya seni. Dimulai dengan pengenalan konteks karya seni, rangkuman alur cerita,dan adanya penilian
Contoh : Review tentang film Spiderman, Titanic, lagu-lagu The Beatles

Berikut Contoh Teks Review Dalam Bahasa Inggris

As well we know this popular cartoon series featuring practical-joking Great Dane Scoo-by Doo, who joins Velma, Dasphane, Freddie, and Shaggy on many quests to solve mysterious. Each mystery is new an unusual and involves the group stopping someone from wreaking certain havoc on the world. This VCD consists of the first five episodes of Scooby Doo, Where Are You? That premiered in 1989. The episodes are what a knight, Hassle in the Castle, A clue for Scooby Doo, Mine Your Own Business, and Decoy from a dogspper. The gang drive around the country in their time green Van"The Mystery Machine" investigating haunted castles, ghost towns and a host of alleged other wordly beings. Shaggy and Scooby provide the comic relief between clues, and can usually be bribed into anything with a yummy Scooby Snack. If you grew up with Scooby and the gang, these original episodes are nostalgia. After 30 years the shows have hardly aged are still loved both by kids and adults. The laugh track they have just about the enjoyment of watching these. It is more obvious in some of the episodes, like Mine You Own Business, where it seems like every time any of the character says a word, You get this laugh track. Anyway, Scooby Doo is one of the great TV Cartoon stars,and the shows is still as entertaining as ever. Good fun

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